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The State of Illinois today announced revised guidelines for restaurants, bars and facilities nationwide to ensure safe operation and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The state's new guidelines take effect on Wednesday, August 26, and require all employees of state restaurants and bar establishments, as well as all guests at those establishments, to wear face veils.

Due to the recent increase in cases, the latest guidelines will require all those seeking protection to wear a mask at all times, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Facial coverings must be worn when guests are approached and served by staff, including but not limited to when staff accept guests "orders or deliver food or drink.

The CDC also advises using simple fabric face coverings to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to help people who may have the virus but don't know if they are transmitting it to others. This guide contains concrete recommendations that will help you and your family protect themselves while slowing the spread of coVirus 19.

To view the document COVID-19 Food Service of the Illinois Department of Public Health, which contains guidelines and resources for frequently asked questions, click here. For information on the CDC's guidelines for restaurants and other dining establishments in Palatine, Illinois, and a list of Illinois restaurants with a history of CoVirus 19 exposure, please click here.

The DCEO is available for questions about the new guidelines and arrangements are made. If you wish to donate but cannot do so at the time listed above, please call 847-359-9000. Who would like to donate in this time, this can do over the speech radio at the reception of the health office of the Pfalz.

They are then instructed to meet the officer on the south side of the Mariano. Sienas said he was working out the details with the village to install additional igloos. If not, tents and possibly a garden shed should be set up along the pavement.

Ottesen said tents on the sidewalk were a preferred option by village workers to ensure maximum safety and ease of snow removal and limit liability issues. Sienas also presented the village with two smaller options: installing igloos and setting up tents outdoors on public sidewalks.

The guidelines will also apply to other facilities and dining areas currently covered by Restore Illinois' guidance. The full guidelines can be found here, and outdoor dining is permitted in the city of Palatinate, according to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Commerce. For more information on measures to mitigate business losses, including guidance on the use of tents and domes for food, please click here. For the full list of restaurants and other businesses, see Restore Illinois Guidance on the state's website.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Illinois Department of Labor's Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection at (312) 662-4357.

This section of the village website is designed to provide villagers and businesses with easy access to information and advice during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. It will enable business owners to submit information about their business, organisation or service and to provide residents with a list of all Palatinate companies, organisations and services that are available and in operation at all times. The website also centralises up-to-date information on frequently asked questions such as food safety, health and safety.

It is also recommended to consider alternatives to shopping and invite friends and family. If you use any of the products listed above, please dispose of them safely and hygienically. Other items will potentially clog sewer pipes and result in sewer defences in homes and businesses that are expensive to clean and repair.

The governor has also published guidelines for various businesses and industries that are available. These guidelines are designed to prepare companies, employers and workers to implement their own policies and procedures for returning to work. Click here to view the "30-day spread slows" section on the Governor's Office of Emergency Management website.

To view the Illinois Department of Public Health's recommended Prevention of Pesticides and Infectious Diseases (COVID-19) guidance prepared by the Illinois iDOT, click here. To view a list of food facilities that remained open or closed during the CO VID-19 pandemic at the Illinois Department of Public Health, please click here. Please provide details, including community data, of the number of confirmed cases of COID-18 and confirmed cases of COVID- '19 reported in the State of Illinois, and the location of your restaurant or restaurant. Click here to see our selection of the best restaurants in Chicago, Chicago - area restaurants and hotels and restaurants in the Chicago area. For a view of our selection of Chicago restaurants and hotels in Illinois and Illinois - state hotels, restaurants or restaurants across the country, please click here.

The Palatine Chamber of Commerce has launched a new website,, to promote and support the COVID-19 outbreak and to support local businesses. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity continues to share information, programs and resources about the companies through its website and social media.

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