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IL - Palatinate restaurants and bars are open as planned, but only on Friday and weekends.

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Illinois Department of Commerce released the guidelines for outdoor restaurants and bars as the state enters Phase 3 of the Illinois Restoration Plan. Illinois - Restaurants and bars that want to reopen their outdoor dining areas because of the coronavirus will be allowed to do so a month earlier than expected, the state's governor said. The Pritzker administration on Sunday issued a set of guidelines for Illinois restaurant and bar owners and operators to follow when they reopen their dining rooms, issued in response to the recent outbreak of a deadly virus in Illinois. Outdoor restaurants are scheduled to begin as early as next week as part of his Restore Illinois plan, but not before the end of this month, Governor J.B. Pritchett said. In Illinois, the state's governor said Sunday his government has released an update on guidelines for restaurants, bars and operators that he says will allow Illinois restaurants, bars and owners who want to reopen outdoor dining areas because of coronvirus to do so about a week earlier or as early as this week as expected.

The guidelines say restaurants are considered a key component in Illinois' response to coronavirus. For indoor recreation, click here to work in accordance with Illinois Department of Commerce guidelines for outdoor restaurants and bars, and here for indoor recreation.

Chicago requires that at least half of the sites remain open until October 27, 2020, and all concession stands and beer gardens remain open. Bars and restaurants will have to close at 11pm and all indoor services, including private events, will be suspended. Bar and restaurants must close their outdoor dining areas to continue operating according to Restore Illinois guidelines.

The gym may reopen with a 25 percent occupancy rate, and the tent can be used for outdoor dining. Enjoy live music, follow Illinois safety guidelines and check in with Littler's attorney for an additional check-in on December 31, 2020. Restaurants in October 2020 are looking for $20 to use outdoor tents - dining tents in accordance with the Restore Illinois plan. Restaurants and bars will allow you to eat outdoors again, but please ask your local restaurant, bar or bar owner for additional information about the date and time of the reopening and follow-up.

The guidelines require restaurants and bars to have an extended permit for outdoor dining and, if the area meets the following criteria, it is considered an "outdoor dining and drinking area" (1). Companies must maintain at least 1,000 square feet of outdoor seating and a 2.5-foot social space.

The holders of the outdoor seating permit are primarily responsible for creating a high-quality gastronomic environment with background music by complying with state guidelines for restaurants. More specific provisions are contained in the guidelines issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHS) and the State Office of Environmental Protection (OEP). Region 7, which is ringfenced by bars, restaurants and community gatherings within the District under the Restore Illinois Plan, faces stricter regulations than those put in place by state officials for indoor recreation after August 24, 2020 (2).

The ban covers restaurants near Hare International Airport, including restaurants and bars near the airport, as well as restaurants, bars and community events in and around the airport.

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