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It was built in 1911 and began passenger service to Wauconda, Illinois, in 1912, but was discontinued in the early 1920s due to the construction of the Chicago and Lake Superior Railways. Ela was a pioneer who emigrated to Northern Illinois with his wife and children after the Black Hawk War.

They reached Chicago, Illinois and finally in the early 1920s to Chicago and Lake Superior Railways.

The Pfalzgrafenparkkreis operates the community centre in Birchwood Falkenpark, which was opened in January 2010. At the 2010 census, there were 1826 inhabitants, which is about 2.5 percent of all the inhabitants of the village. Palatine Weissler is governed by a consolidated village council, which consists of six members in each of the respective districts. They are elected by their districts, while the whole village elects the village chief and the mayor.

The population is spread across a wide age range: 10.5% are over 65 years old or older, and the majority of them are younger.

According to the 2011 American Community Survey, the estimated median household income in the village is $63,756. The ethnic composition of the villages is 76.9%, with an average age of 44.5 years, a high school diploma or higher and a bachelor's degree or more. According to data from the US Census Bureau, the median income of families in 2011 was $74,915.

The Palatinate people had hit the headlines in recent years because they threatened to split from Cook County because of the increase in the sales tax. In 2009, the municipality of Palatina, which includes the village of Palatine, voted overwhelmingly for a consultative referendum in which it wanted to "secede" from Cooking County. Due to the tax increases, the value added tax is 9.0% and the property tax rate of the municipality is 7.5%.

The village is home to the largest Sikh Gurdwara in the village, which is frequented by Sikhs from across the country. The Palatine Park District serves as a rolling park with a total of 1,000 hectares of parkland. Most of the streams flow into Salt Creek, which originates from Wilke Marsh on the east side of the village.

In the Palatinate there are traditionally fireworks on July 3 and a visit to the city at the carnival. The Saturday morning family day is associated with activities for young people, but it is a celebration for all ages.

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More About Palatine