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But above all, it is Joanna Angelopoulos who has been awarded for her excellence, but the overall picture that art represents rubs me in the wrong direction because it is too small.

As much as Angelopoulos wants students to enjoy their art lessons, she says they need to know that it's not the game of time and that much is learned. Seeing the bright side of things helps teachers, both new and old, learn, grow and laugh at the end of the day. She connects with her students by maintaining a real classroom and understanding who they are and where they come from. I love watching them exchange ideas and it really shows that she cares and I'm really grateful for that.

Watching students develop their own artistic voice, demonstrate the value of physical creation, and create an environment that emphasizes the importance of failure, sharing, and community is what Scott Steder valued most in the classroom.

When I attended a ceramics course, I was immediately drawn to the art world and I never looked back. After my time in Knoxville, he was accepted into the Art Institute of Tennessee College of Art and Design in Nashville. Shortly after, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University - DeKalb.

Following this project, she worked on painting murals in the university's Glenview Commons and finished a 10-foot (11-foot) mural on March 2. At the end of the semester, she painted on the wall of the Badger Brothers in Platteville. The students have worked very hard on this design and I am very proud of the 10 by 11 foot mural that I completed on April 1.

The third project, Empty Bowls, was supposed to start on April 5, but was postponed until the fall, so she had to pack her bags - work that shortened her semester. I've been to a few Empty Bowls projects and it was really special to see all of that come together.

What are the three things that hopefully students will take out of class and are you looking for ways to work together? I think engineers like it because they give something back to themselves and work with physical objects. Students bring energy and life to the studio, which is essential for a healthy workplace for all.

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More About Palatine